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Greater Des Moines' Most AFFORDABLE
Funeral and Cremation Provider

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Funeral Services

Locally owned funeral home serving the Des Moines area. A Celebration of Life after a person has passed away is an important part of the fabric of our lives. Saying goodbye is never easy, a ceremony helps bring family and friends together to celebrate and remember. 

Cremation Services

Cremation offers several choices for Celebrations of Life and opportunities to say goodbye. Whatever you wish your plans to be, we have created packages to help you simply select what works best for you.


Pre-planning is a wonderful gift to give your survivors. Having your funeral arrangements planned, in order and paid for brings great comfort to both you and your extended family.

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We never charge for a pre-planning consultation or to answer your questions.


Feel free to ask anything anytime.

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Funeral Home and Cremation Services
that are simple, caring, and affordable.

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We Specialize in simple, meaningful, & affordable Funerals, Cremations & Celebrations of Life!

We are faith community-friendly, with options that utilize worship centers. We tailor services that help you say goodbye at a price you can afford.
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We pledge to help you celebrate the life that was lived.

We will find a balance between meaningful and affordable and guarantee we provide professional, caring service at a reasonable price. We also pledge to partner with your place of Worship in the Celebration of Life. We honor any pre-need written by an Iowa Funeral home and refund any unused portion.
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How Do We Do It?

Affordable Funeral & Cremation  Services

By taking the Celebration of Life to you.  If you do not utilize our funeral home, we pass on the savings to you. We offer simple, easy to understand, cost-effective funeral, and cremation packages.
If you do not have a place of worship, do not worry, we have chapels available.

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