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Holly Leigh Anderson

Holly Leigh Anderson aka affectionately "Hutchie" was lovingly welcomed into the world on September 26,1959 to proud parents Yoshiko and Donald R Anderson along with siblings Greg and Donna in Austin MN.

She attended schools in Austin graduating with the class of "78." At an early age it became evident that Holly was an ardent jokester with her grandfather recognizing that teasingly calling her Imogene Coca. She was a lifelong food connoisseur (foodie) who loved to prepare, taste and talk about all elements with great sophistication and critical detail claiming to be able to 'taste' recipes. To those lucky enough to know her appreciated her natural affinity for talking in meticulous analytical detail about all things silly and mundane to critical and complex. One did not have to be an astute or keen observer to recognize Holly possessed extraordinary style and flair, demonstrating the collective epitome of grace and elegance not to mention strength. As such, one of her most favorite stories took place at a carnival no less.  As her younger sibling eagerly looked on and Holly had sufficient time to examine the rusty old infamous male dominated "High Striker Strongman Game" in which a sledgehammer mallet is used to hit a base plate (attached to a tower as a puck travels up the lever) with the goal of ringing a bell she became resolute in her decision and attempt which culminated in resounding joyous triumph. Much to the many onlookers' awe, astonishment and perhaps intimidation, Holly successfully walked away with the only prize given away at the time....a cigar!

In 1990 she married Angelo Georgou and became a resident of Iowa for the next 33 years. They raised two rambunctious boys, Nicholas and William in Newton with Holly homeschooling both boys. She kept them active in church activities, was initiator/boss of the boys' lawn mowing business, a piano and tennis lesson chauffeur and cheerleader. Holly herself was an accomplished pianist volunteering her talents in various venues. Her greatest unmatched praiseworthy gifts from God undoubtedly were her boys along with a phenomenal unwavering faith, fervent warring prayer intercession and an unsurpassed enormous spirit of generosity. EagleVision Church was an elemental part of her journey as she was extremely passionate in both learning and sharing her biblical knowledge bringing along with it precious lifelong friends. Sadly, Angelo passed away in 2016 and son William in 2021. Nevertheless, Holly possessed a determined tenacious faith filled spirit that served her well throughout her challenges with a distinct but simple desire to perpetually do good much like her grandmother. On December 27, 2023, Holly finished her race receiving her crown of righteousness (2 Tim 4:8). Those looking forward to once again hearing her jokes and reuniting with her include, son, Nick (Heidi), sisters, Donna Iser, Rozann Nelson, brother Greg Anderson, grandchildren Milo, Elliott, and Halsey as well as many nieces, nephews and countless dear friends.

Until then, we will keep sharing/retelling the stories and jokes.....

"Absent from the body, present with the Lord"!





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